Boonton Police Department

It is the policy of the Town of Boonton Police Department to accept and investigate all complaints of alleged officer misconduct or wrongdoing from any person. Following a thorough and impartial examination of the available factual information, the case report will include a final disposition. If discipline is in order, it shall be administered according to the degree of misconduct.

In order to facilitate the filing of a complaint against a Town of Boonton Police Department officer, we have made our Internal Affairs Complaint Report form available for download.

Click Here to Download Form

This complaint form may be filled out anonymously and submitted. We treat all complaints equally regardless of whether or not they are filled out anonymously or with a name. However, please keep in mind that we can investigate best when we have all available information and have the ability to contact you with further questions, if needed.

To utilize this form, you will need the freely available
Adobe Reader software installed on your computer, version 7 or higher. This is a “fillable form” which may be filled out on your computer and saved to your hard drive. Once the completed form is saved to your hard drive, you can then use your e-mail account to attach the form to an e-mail and submit it electronically to internal affairs at If you prefer to remain anonymous, simply print out the completed form and mail it to the following address:

Town of Boonton Police Department
Attention: Internal Affairs
100 Washington Street
Boonton, NJ 07005