Boonton Police Department

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The Boonton police department was established May 20th 1867 by the chosen board of trustees, Town of Boonton, at a meeting held at the house of Charles P. Davenport. At this meeting a motion was made to appoint James Handville as city marshal and John H. Conine as assistant marshal. An ordinance outlining the duties of marshals, passed May 29th 1867. This ordinance states that the marshal was responsible for security, peace, and good order of the town. He was responsible for the efficient execution of the law, regulations, and ordinances; to apprehend or seize civilly if practical, if not by force, and carry them before either of the Police Justices any person or persons who may be found violating the laws of the state or the ordinances of the Town of Boonton. Any person or persons convicted of an offense were punished either by imprisonment for up to 30 days in the county jail or other secure place; or by a fine of no more than $20 for the first offense. The marshal was able to call on any citizen or citizens for help in carrying out his duties. It was further ordained that said marshal receive compensation of $35 per year for his services.
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