Boonton Police Department

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Our Department hopes that you never become a victim of a crime, however in this day and age you can never be too careful. We hope that the information we provide here may further help you in safeguarding your family and property.

Residents are reminded to always report any suspicious activity to the Police Department. If you observe an unfamiliar vehicle or person(s) on your street and something just doesn't seem right do not hesitate to call the Police. Feel free to call our 10 digit non-emergency number (973-402-9371) to report such incidents, and if the situation presents itself as emergent please remember to dial 9-1-1. Boonton has become quite a diverse community with many different cultures so residents are encouraged to get to know your neighbors so you can easily identify what may, or may not be, out of place.

Residents are also advised to leave a light and radio, or television on when they go out at night to make it look like someone is home. If a timer is used for interior lights, try to change which lights are used periodically to confuse anyone who may be watching. If you go on vacation or are away from your home for several days it is suggested you have someone pick up your mail or stop it at the Post Office and also to have someone put out and bring in your garbage cans.

Residents, and especially those responsible for elderly relatives or senior citizens, are advised to Never let a stranger into their house. Residents should always make sure all doors and windows are properly secured. Always make sure to check identification for JCP&L, United Water, Cablevision, and anyone else. If you did not call for service or someone knocks on your door offering services or repairs, Call the Police. Officers would rather respond to a residence 1,000 times on a innocent or unfounded report of a suspicious person, than respond 1 time to a report of a robbery/theft or home invasion.

Elderly residents and senior citizens are unfortunately at more of a risk for these types of crimes. Scam artists, commonly referred to as "Gypsies", specifically target senior citizens. Most of these incidents of burglaries, or home invasion robberies, occur when actors use diversionary tactics to gain entry to a residence. These criminals will approach a potential victim and explain either that they are doing work in the neighborhood and need to access their property, that they are offering their services to repair a roof or driveway, or that they are lost and in need of a telephone. In other instances they will find out a resident's name beforehand and approach the victim as an old friend, acquaintance, or distant relative relying on the victim's old age to cloud their memory. Most of these incidents involve a second, or even third actor who will gain entry to the residence from a rear entry door or window, which sometimes the first actor has even unlocked after they gained access to the residence. While the first actor continues speaking with the victim, the second actor will ransack bedrooms looking for valuables such as cash, or jewelry which elderly victims have been known to keep on hand rather than in banks or safety deposit boxes. The actors then leave the residence with the victim often not discovering what has happened until the criminals have fled the area. Our Department urges our residents to educate their elderly parents or relatives in contacting the Police immediately if someone they do not know knocks on their door unexpectedly. Again, they should also be told to never feel foolish or embarrassed if they summoned the Police to check on a situation that turns out to be innocent or unfounded.
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