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The Boonton Police Dept. has maintained a Walking Patrol Officer in the Main St. business district for decades. The walking post enables the Officers to be more visible in the community they serve. As the town grows in population, and as new businesses move into town that are not located in the Main St. area, it has become imperative that Officers are able to cover more area. In May 2004 the Boonton Police instituted a Bike Patrol to, for the most part, replace the walking post. With Officers on bikes, they can now respond to the Wal-Mart or A&P Shopping Centers within a matter of minutes, which would not be the case if they were assigned to a walking post.
dare lion
D.A.R.E.'s (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) primary mission is to provide children with the information and skills they need to live drug-and-violence-free lives. Additionally, it establishes positive relationships between students and law enforcement, teachers, parents, and other community leaders. Every youngster should have the opportunity to grow-up healthy, safe, secure, and equipped with the skills needed to succeed in life. Contemporary America, however, is rampant with challenges that could keep children from a positive life path.

The mission is to equip kids with the tools that will enable them to avoid negative influences and instead, allow them to focus on their strengths and potential. And, that's exactly what D.A.R.E. is designed to do. For further information please contact our D.A.R.E. Officer,
Ptl. Steve Kairys.