Boonton Police Department

patrol division
police line tape
boonton police car
The Patrol Division constitutes the majority of the Police Dept. There are 4 squads consisting of 3 Patrol Officers and 1 Patrol Sergeant for a total of 16 Officers. In the absence of the Sergeant, the most senior Patrol Officer is designated as the Shift Commander. The Patrol Division is currently overseen by Patrol Lt. Stephen Jones. The Patrol Division is responsible for answering all initial calls for service whether they may be first aid calls, fire calls, motor vehicle accidents, or reports of criminal activity. Patrol's main function is to conduct all preliminary investigations involving a wide range of both criminal and non-criminal activity. The Patrol Officers on the road are dispatched via our communications desk which is staffed 24 Hrs. a day by either a Civilian Dispatcher, or a Patrol Officer in their absence. Our Department employs 4 full time Civilian Communications Officers.
info cop computer
The Boonton Police Department also utilizes Info-Cop, a mobile information data base available using wireless computer tablets. Info-Cop provides real-time access to local, state and federal crime databases. The officer enters the information once and can simultaneously tap into numerous massive databases and receive data and photo responses in under 6 seconds. Previously the officer would contact dispatch who would then manually search the databases individually taking anywhere from five to ten minutes. The department has mobile units in each patrol vehicle, as well as a stationary unit in the dispatch center. For more information go to: